Solid Blue Bluegrass Band History

Solid Blue was formed in 2012 when 5 friends that have played together for many years decided to form the band.  Over time the band has undergone changes, resulting in the personnel noted here.  Though Solid Blue has only existed since 2012, the members, in various combinations, have played music together for several more years than that nationally and internationally.   We make our living in industries as diverse as Aerospace, Insurance, and Public Education, but decided to form Solid Blue to express our love for making Bluegrass and unique acoustic music.

The members of the band are:

  • Bud Teague:  Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals
  • Steve Adlich:  Guitar, Lead Vocals
  • Bart Collins:  Banjo, Harmony Vocals
  • Mike Smitherman:  Mandolin, Harmony Vocals
  • Jeff Cagle:  Bass, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Solid Blue plays a variety of events from festivals to weddings to private parties! Please contact us for more information on our schedule and bookings!

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Bud Teague: Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Originally from Memphis, TN, and growing up in Central Arkansas, Bud has been playing and performing Bluegrass since his early teens.  He cut his teeth on Tony Rice's music and has shared stages though out the years with many of the best in Bluegrass.   His lead guitar work is clear and articulate and is one of the center pieces of Solid Blue sound.  Bud also provides exceptional lead and harmony vocals to the band.  

Bud is a Physicist by degree and his day job is in the Aerospace industry in Huntsville, AL


Bart Collins: Banjo

Bart is a multi-instrumentalist that is very accomplished on Guitar, Mandolin, Bass and Banjo.  For Solid Blue he
plays the Banjo and provides skillful lead breaks or tasteful fill in where required to complete the Solid Blue sound.  

Bart is from Decatur, ALand is a school teacher for his day job.


Steve Adlich: Guitar, Lead Vocals

Steve plays rhythm guitar and provides lead vocals for the Solid Blue band.   Originally from Western Kentucky and growing up in a family with music all around, he has been a native of Huntsville, AL for 30 years.  

Steve is an Engineer by profession and works in the Aerospace Industry.